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The quality of products and animal welfare is particularly important at Eifrisch. This is because purchasing fresh produce is a matter of trust.

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Reliability is our top priority.
The eggs supplied are continually tested for freshness and outer condition.

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Integrated production

From feed production and laying hen husbandry to egg marketing – we manage the entire production chain to guarantee maximum product quality.

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“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
For us, the answer to this philosophical question is:
Only a healthy chick can grow into a healthy hen which lays eggs that comply with our incomparable Eifrisch quality standards.”


Whether fresh eggs produced from alternative rearing methods or cooked and dyed eggs from our very own egg dye works: All Eifrisch products are of top quality and absolute freshness. Our sister company, OVOBEST, is the perfect partner for egg products which are used in the food industry.

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Which came first? The egg or the hen?


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