About usThe Eifrisch principle

EIFRISCH not only represents quality, reliability and transparency inside attention-grabbing packaging; it has focussed on alternative hen-laying methods ever since its beginnings in 1974 and is a pioneer in this area.

Our products are not only 100% fresh; they also undergo strict control measures and are produced in a transparent process. We take a responsible approach to animal welfare and meet all legal regulations.

Our company’s work is geared towards sustainability. Consumer protection, animal and environmental welfare are our top priority. Since the foundation of our association we have been a member of KAT [Association for Controlled Alternative Types of Livestock Husbandry] and have been awarded certificates such as IFS Food, IFS Broker, QBE, VLOG and Bio.

As a pioneer of GMO-free animal feed and laying hen production without beak trimming, we aim to develop work processes further for greater sustainability as per our Eifrisch principle.

We represent ethical, legally-complaint animal welfare.
All marketing steps are accompanied by consistent quality and environmental management.

The Eifrisch advantages

Everything from one source

  • Collection of eggs from producer with own vehicle fleet
  • Own state-of-the-art sorting machines
  • Own state-of-the-art dye works
  • Daily fresh transport of products to customers

Quality and reliability

  • Access to an integrated production chain in the area of barn rearing.
  • Exclusive trade partner in the area of free-range and organic husbandry
  • Strictly controlled quality standards
  • Continuous quality assurance using the latest technologies


  • Expertise straight from the marketer
  • Implementing mutual major projects
  • Active sales support at POS
  • Provision of advertising materials


  • Motivated employees
  • Defined areas of responsibility
  • Training and further development
  • Training in all areas


The Eifrisch company has set itself the goal of sustainable development, acting responsibly for the benefit of current and future generations. We and our partners guarantee seamless, controlled and transparent production as well as responsible and environmentally-friendly animal husbandry. Our company undertakes work in nurseries, schools, projects for disabled people and local sports, actively promoting growth – including when it comes to healthy nutrition. We treat our competitors in a fair manner and encourage harmonious, respectful behaviour within our own company.

Economic success

  • Fair approach to competition and business partners
  • Fair payment of employees
  • Link to German production sites

Ecological responsibility

  • Responsible animal husbandry
  • Seamless control
  • Responsible attitude towards natural resources
  • High standards of hygiene

Community involvement

  • Involvement in schools and nurseries
  • Projects for disabled people
  • Promoting local sport